Annual Representative Assembly Committee

ARA Committee

                                                      Lynn Johnston     (Chair)

Committee Members

Deneen Zelkie Maxine Holm Irene Deatcher
John Murphy  Janet Vader   Jennifer Fredeen
 Tyson Parker  Greg Plouffe Tracey Hansen
 Lynn Johnston  Kara Watson  

The number of ARA delegates is determined by a provincial formula outlined in the bylaws of the

All table officers of the local executive are members. These include the local president, the vice presidents, the secretary, the past president and the treasurer. The remaining members are elected at our annual assembly in May.

Duties of ARA Members


  • Attend all General and Local Council meetings
  • Attend committee meetings as required to review ARA materials (electoral ballots, ARA resolutions, Budget, position papers, etc.)
  • Be aware of the issues and concerns which are to be discussed
  • Be aware of the concerns of Local #28 teachers in relation to issues facing the assembly
  • Attend all sessions of the Annual Representative Assembly as delegates of Local #28, ATA