The New Website Has Been Launched!!





For all current information for Local 28, you must visit and be registered on our new website: . 

All members of Elk Island Local 28 are now able to register for and access the members-only section of this website.  Visit and then simply click on the Members/EasyPD tab at the top of the page and you will be led through the registration process. When you have submitted all required information, there will be a delay before full access is granted - your registration eligibility needs to be verified because ONLY certificated employees of Elk Island Public Schools are active members of Local 28. When your information has been verified, you will receive an email confirmation. After that you may explore the members-only area fully which gives you access to our EasyPD application for applying for professional development funds and later will also have other information pertinent to members of Local 28.


In order to verify your eligibility, you MUST submit your teaching certificate number, so please have your card handy. As well, you must provide a PERSONAL email address - EIPS email contacts will not be accepted by our system.  

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