Local PD Funds

 Professional Development Funding



Important Changes to Note:

As you are aware we undertook the task of moving our current PD Funds application and reimbursement process to an online platform on our new website which is scheduled to be activated July 3rd.

Due to this transition applications for term one 2018/2019 (September 1st ,2018 – January 31st, 2019) professional development will be accepted beginning July 3rd. At this time our new system is scheduled to be up and running, and the application and reimbursement process will be completed online.

Please note:  The amount of funds each member is currently eligible for will be transferred to the new system.  However, beginning September 2019 each member will receive access to an additional $800 annually, to a maximum of $1600 in total eligibility.  The PD Funds allocations will work the same way our HSA does.  This is the most fair, efficient, and economical manner available to allocate funds. 

Watch for more information to come regarding the establishment of an account and all the new platform has to offer.


Professional Development Funds can only be accessed by Elk Island Public Schools’ teachers who work any time during the school year ( September to June).  Funding is limited to a total of $1600.00  in a two year period.
Local PD Fund Applications can be found in the school office.

Term 1

September 1 to January 31
Term1 applications are accepted starting 
June 1                                                                                     
Term 2

February 1 to August 31
Term 2 applications are accepted starting
December 1

As of May 1st, 2018 
 remain in Term 2 of the Local PD Fund


Clause 9.5 Procedures and Claim Amounts